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Lux Band (with Clasp)

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For the other 23 hours a day you’re not breaking a sweat at the gym, the LuxKnit lets you monitor your strain, sleep and recovery in style. Featuring our new LuxKnit band, designed with a flat plush back, xtra-life fiber, and Jacquard fabric paired with precious metal plated clasp and a white hook.

WHOOP Strap 3.0 and membership not included. Visit and sign up for a membership today!

Combinations include: 
Midnight LuxKnit with 18K Gold Plated Clasp and White Hook
Midnight LuxKnit with Rose Gold Plated Clasp and White Hook
Caramel LuxKnit with 18K Gold Plated Clasp and White Hook
Caramel LuxKnit with Rose Gold Plated Clasp and White Hook

Lux Kit Sizing Guide
One Size.
Lux Kit Material

Band: 87% polyamide,13% spandex (includes Xtra-Life yarn)

Clasp: Aluminum base plated with either 18K gold or rose gold. 

Hook: Stainless steel base. Comes in white, 18K gold plating, or rose gold plating.

Lux Kit Washing Instructions
Hand wash with gentle soap. Avoid using water and soap on precious metal plating. Hang dry only.