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Off-The-Wrist Pack


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1. ANY-WEAR™ Arm Sleeve

ANY-WEAR™ Arm Sleeve

Olive / XXL

2. SuperKnit Bicep Band

SuperKnit Bicep Band

Tundra / S/M


Product Details

WHOOP 4.0 Compatible

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Any-Wear™ Technology


High Performance

When it comes to any performance or profession, nothing should stand in the way of unlocking your potential. It’s why we designed our premium SuperKnit Bicep Band that frees your wrist and allows you to capture data on your upper arm. Engineered with an ultra-soft backing and microfilament yarn for enhanced comfort and durability—so you can stay in the zone with zero distractions.

Free your wrist and lock in your workout with our Any-Wear Arm Sleeve. Designed as an alternative way to wear WHOOP® and capture your data. Made from durable nylon and elastane, Any-Wear Arm Sleeve provides compression and safeguards your WHOOP 4.0 when you’re breaking a sweat. Ideal for in-game use, contact sports, and other max-effort workouts.

Includes 2 pieces of WHOOP gear.

WHOOP device and membership not included. Visit and sign up for a membership today!